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Listing Down The Best Beaches in San Francisco That Most Visitors Are Going

More and more people go to San Francisco every year for a lot of different reasons. Whether it’s your first time in the Bay Area or you’ve made the trek for years, you know that its beaches are some of the best in the world. Read more here for the entire details.

One of the reasons why people love to go to San Francisco beach area is because of the way the landscapes there are so beautiful and amazing.

People know that once they are on the beach, they can focus more on themselves as they begin to relax and enjoy the view. One of the reasons why people go to the beaches in San Francisco is because it is perfect for doing some nice activities on the beach, such as sports, snorkeling, swimming, and diving.

Read more here to learn more details about the best beaches in San Francisco that you can consider going.

After reading this article, for sure, you will be so excited to begin. Get ready all your tools and equipment as you head to the beaches in San Francisco.

Have you heard of the Stinson Beach because if you have not yet, then read more here the details. What makes this beach famous these days is because it is near some tourist spots in San Francisco.
This means that it is like an hour drive away from the famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. If you plan on going to the beach, make sure not to forget this beach as well which is just 45 minutes away from it.

Although the bridge is really near from this location, you would actually be amazed by how quiet and serene the Stinson beach is. In fact, it is a perfect place for secrets to be released or for secret moments to be shared. Although it is a beach, it is like taking a stroll in the part and that is how good it is.

Did you also know that the Stinson Beach is where most dolphins and other sea creatures can be seen? They come visit and see the tourists too to allure them. The other good thing about this is that even picnics are being held here by tourists because of the location. And since there are many tourists coming here, you can also find plenty of local eateries near the location.

You must also consider going to Fort Funston Beach Walk.
It is actually one of the best places to find if you have pets with you.

In fact, the Fort Funston Beach Walk is a good place for you to exercise and stroll together with your pets and loved ones. It also has some amazing creatures too that you can find. For more info about these woodland creatures and what they do, read more here.

You can also try the Bolinas Beach for that matter. Read more here to know what this beach has.